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When it comes to a network, some people think it is as simple as plugging in a Wi-Fi router, a new switch or some other device and it should just work. This may be true in some cases however not in all cases.

Sometimes it takes planning, configuring and maintaining the network environment to properly support what you and your company need.

We have supported many ranges of network environments, from the simple home office setup, to the small business environments with several computers and simple internet and Wi-Fi to the larger companies where they span multiple locations, have inner connected networking between sites, hardware firewalls, routers, secured and guest Wi-Fi environments, and even more complex.

So before you go plugging in that new Wi-Fi router, or even a network printer you may want to consider calling us to make sure it is configured and is being managed properly on your network. It is always better to be cautious then to spend a lot of time troubleshooting why your network suddenly went down for simply plugging in a new device. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Contact us today for your free initial consultation to have your network evaluated.

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