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When it comes to our customers, often our new ones they usually tell us they lose sleep at night worrying about whether or not their companies data is being protected or not. Have you gone through this very thing?

Supporting our customers for over 20 years, we have seen a lot of issues with backups. Many times where we gain a new customer and they are being told they had a backup but yet we discover the backup wasn’t running or it is running but never tested and verified. One thing many IT guys seem to forget is it’s great to put a backup in place but how good is that backup if you’ve never tested and verified that the data is all there and can be recovered properly? Disaster recovery planning and testing (trial runs) is essential in making sure your backup is a good one.

We always recommend a backup solution to our customers, whether it is an on-site backup going to a local storage device or a cloud based backup using a secure, encrypted technology, this is one thing that we don’t mess around with. In our experience, we have seen backups fail, we have seen recovery fail, we have seen ransomware destroy file servers where the only rescue for the company is to restore from a backup.  We do disaster recovery testing quarterly for our customers and setup report generation that provides us backup reports so we can keep track of your backups for you to ensure your data is being protected according to schedule. Don’t fool yourself by thinking it can’t happen to you because trust us, it can.

When tragedy strikes and you have a hardware failure and you don’t have a quality backup in place for your computer or server, make sure you call us before you have a nervous breakdown. We have leading edge software to attempt to do the data recovery for you and if we can’t, we have disaster recovery companies that we have partnered with that have a very high success rate, matter of fact they like to boast that they handle data recovery for Dell, HP and even the government. 

Contact us today if you would like us to come evaluate your existing disaster recovery plan.

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