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Viruses are always a concern for companies and users. There’s nothing worse than worrying about clicking on a file attachment, going to a specific website or plugging in an external USB drive and wondering if todays the day, the day that you crash your computer or even worst the entire network in your office. 

There are many ways to fight threats, the virus protection that you put on your computer, the firewall you put in place between you and the internet and even more importantly the users themselves. We always tell our clients that although it is vital to have quality virus protection, a high quality firewall (hardware or software) and web filtering, the most important way to fight a virus is by educating the user, the ability to determine if something is safe or not is equally as important.

Our expert technicians and engineers at 1 Stop Computer Shop will not only be able to help make sure the necessary software and hardware are in place to protect your computers and network, we are always available to provide advice and recommendations to all our customers on what to do, what not to do and what to watch out for when handling files, websites and other means of getting viruses and becoming vulnerable.

We also have many tools and utilities at our disposal to clean your computers from viruses. If you do happen to get a virus or some other form of vicious attack rest assure that we will be able to get your computer healthy and cleanse it of its illness.

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