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Many times when we take on a new customer, we receive feedback of why they are looking for that new “IT guy”. Commonly we hear that they are not satisfied with the response time from their IT person, whether it’s a callback, an e-mail or simply showing up for a scheduled appointment.

We have been providing IT support services since 1996 to home based, small and medium sized businesses. Throughout the years we have learned that staying in contact with our customers, responding to their e-mails, returning their phone calls and showing up when we say we will is one of the most fundamental parts of owning a successful IT company.

Stop worrying about your technology so you can focus on the other parts of business, let us become the personable IT Company you and your staff deserve, giving you peace of mind in knowing your technology is in the right hands and moving in the right direction.

Our Services

Workstation Support

In the perfect world computers run without a glitch but we don’t live in that world and it can become irritating when your computer isn’t...

Threat Management

Viruses are always a concern for companies and users. There’s nothing worse than worrying about clicking on a file attachment...

Server Managemnet

Maintaining your server environment, whether on premise or in the cloud is a key and essential part of running your technology environment...

Network Management

When it comes to a network, some people think it is as simple as plugging in a Wi-Fi router, a new switch or some other device and it should just work...

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to our customers, often our new ones they usually tell us they lose sleep at night worrying about whether or not their companies data is being protected or ...

Residential Support

Did you think we only supported businesses? Nope, we also support home users as well. We have a complete retail service center for you to bring us your computer...


"Brian and Shaun of 1 Stop Computer Shop is one of the best service providers our organization has had the pleasure of using.  As an organization, we needed an entire overhaul to our out dated computer system including software, servers, hardware and email providers.  As a small business, we needed to be very cost conscientious.  Brian provided us with a comprehensive analysis of how to address our needs within a price structure we could work with.  In our opinion, the most valuable piece of 1 Stop Computer Shop is the service provided after installation.  The entire staff there is knowledgeable, courteous and most important, available.  We are pleased and confident in extending our highest recommendation for 1 Stop Computer Shop."

Ron Nowak

G3 Steel Group


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We take our business very personal, both with our staff and our customers. One of the many great factors that set us above the rest is that we sincerely care about our staff and our customers and we try to treat everyone like family. Being a family owned business with good Christian values has inspired us to welcome you with open arms and to always treat YOU the same way WE would want to be treated. Click the button below for your FREE initial evaluation and send us your information and we will contact you to setup our first meet and greet! We look forward to working with you and seeing you soon!

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